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Growing up I loved going back and looking at my parents old photos. Being obsessed with all things weddings, I of course wanted to see their photos. The thing is, they don't have any. They trusted a family member to capture their day, and unfortunately, he didn't deliver. They have exactly 1 photo of them as a couple. Stiff and posed like the American Gothic painting, they have nothing that captured their joy and love for each other on that day.
I was showing my dad one of my couple's galleries and he said, "Unfortunately, we never had a person like you to photograph us when we committed our lives to each other. I really do regret that."
I believe, no matter if you decide to get married in a courthouse or on a mountain top, your story deserves to be told with the same care, love, and attention as any 200+ person wedding.

I'm a Utah based wedding photographer for adventurous couples wanting to say 'I DO' in a way that is authentically them. If you're only here to find someone with a fancy camera to snap a couple of photos, I'm not the girl for you. You deserve so much more than that! I'm here to be your location scouter, wedding planner, problem solver, hype woman, and (yes) photographer, but most importantly your friend. Someone that supports YOUR vision for the day you marry your best friend. I'm here to stand by you every step of the way as we craft a day that is 100% *perfectly you*. Consider me your official third wheel for your intentional and intimate wedding day!


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I have a goal to visit every National Park

If I had to pick just one, my favorite park so far is definitely Yosemite. There's just something magical about entering the valley and being surrounded by walls of sheer granite. I get giddy and can't stop smiling every single time I drive in! 


I spent 5 months thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail

Yup. I took a really, really, REALLY long walk in the woods. All the way through 14 states and totaling 2189.1 miles to be exact! Up next...the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)!


Once upon a time I worked
at NASA 

Back in college, I was lucky enough to intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. It was, quite possibly, the coolest summer job ever! Oh, and let's agree to ignore my horrendous fashion choices! Thanks!!


My beverage of choice is an Iced Milk Tea with boba

I'm obsessed! My love of boba is so well known that one of my friends even got me bubble tea crazy socks for Christmas last year. If you're lucky, I'll wear them to our session!


I converted my Rav4 into a mini home on wheels #vanlife(ish)

I've always wanted to be able to spend more time in the places I love, so last summer I built out my Rav4 "Pearl" and spent 3 months exploring the PNW. I now spend several months at a time on the road traveling and exploring. 


Travel Schedule


My bags are always packed and ready for the next adventure! This schedule is based on current bookings + my own personal trips. If you've got a special place you want to explore that's not on the schedule, send over an email and I'll see what magic I can work!!

JanUary // Sydney, AustraliA - Salt Lake City - houston - Dallas
February // Hawaii (MAUI + BIG ISLAND) - Yosemite
March // Arizona (Phoenix, Sedona, Havasupai Falls) - Tampa
April // Chicago
May // Charleston - Dallas
June // Maine (Acadia + Portland) - Salt Lake City - Moab
july // moab 
September // moab - cannon beach - colorado - tetons - glacier
October // chicago - Virginia - yosemite - washington state
november // chicago
december // CHICAGO

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